Sea Pines is a Private Residential Community located on the western shore of East Bay in Santa Rosa County on Garcon Point

Sea Pines is on a 178 acre site where you will find beautiful views of the water, protected wet prairie, salt marsh, and an inland lake. Sea Pines consists of 59 lots of which 28 are bayfront and the others are lakeside, or provide views of the bay. The entrance is conveniently located only three miles north of the Garcon Point Bridge and just five miles south of Interstate 10.

The concept of this private community was established over twenty years ago and is now a reality. Our intent at Sea Pines is to create a development that preserves and relishes the natural beauty of this environmentally sensitive area. To achieve this, we have established guidelines to control the building process to enhance and protect the quality, value, and overall beauty of this private neighborhood. To maintain the look and feel of a coastal community, we have created the Sea Pines Architectural Review Committee (SPARC), whose sole purpose is to guide construction and protect the interest of all future lot owners. Certain requirements will guarantee that the natural beauty of the setting will be preserved to the greatest extent possible. To ensure that the look and character of this unique site are maintained, there will be green areas to celebrate the natural vegetation and tasteful landscaping.

Sea Pines has architectural guidelines to benefit the future inhabitants of our community such as site planning, minimum building size, height restrictions and setbacks, use of color, roof styles, siding, etc. Architectural styles will be reminiscent of the Florida shaker and cottage-style homes. Specific examples are available upon request. These guidelines will ensure consistency in the overall character of the homes throughout the subdivision. Underground utilities including county sewer and water are available for every lot. Sea Pines Architectural Guidelines and the Covenants and Restrictions are available upon request.

Sea Pines offers other unique features for its future residents. A gated and landscaped entrance greets, as well as maintains security for our neighborhood. Consistent use and placement of street lights, signs, fences and mailboxes all combine to reveal thorough architectural planning. A gazebo and elevated walkway in our four acre park allows access to 265' of community beach. Architectural Restrictions and Guidelines are currently in place to safeguard the sensitive ecosystem throughout the development.

The Sea Pines homeowners, through their Association, will collectively own all of the infrastructure in the development. Landscaping and shared areas will be managed according to the community’s desires. Water, sanitary sewer, storm water, electricity, and telephone services are installed below grade, where they are maintenance free and invisible.